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Moto Evovance supports riders playing with motorcycle and enjoying racing mainly through Super Moto activities

About us

2017 “Moto Evovance”Kickoff

I’m really glad to announce to start “Moto Evovance” project from 2017 with great members.
Moto Evovance supports riders playing with motorcycle and enjoying racing mainly through Supermoto activities. We’d like to offer the fun & joy of riding on motorcycle for various riders from beginners to experienced and all ages. Our experienced staff, mechanic and professional rider will support you through the multiple events and training sessions we plan to have.

Let's start from selecting good motorcycles, tools and equipment. It’s not easy for beginners to select right ones but we can help. We can also help you for having good riding technique and bike settings to meet your riding skills. Our experienced members can share good knowledge and skills for you to ride better!! Please join our events in plan which your family can also enjoy!!

Moto Evovance riders will participate in Japan Supermoto Area championships. We’ll have shared space with team and person who participate the event and advocate systematic racing management. Not only just riding on motorcycle, we can share the deep knowledge of how to win the race from the preparation to the tactics of race managements at the day. Staff of Moto Evovance will attend Japan Supermoto area championships in this year. I hope we’ll have professional riders in future from this project.
Moto Evovance also plan to have collaboration events with project sponsors. We’ll offer unique way of fun and enjoy of motorcycles from the deferent fields of Supermoto, Dart track, Motocross and Road racing.

Thank you very much for your support for this new project!!

General organizer:Tony Schultz
Manager:Shima Kishida
Advisor: Tetsuro Mac Kuya
Director:Koich Wada

Project Members

General organizer: Tony Schultz

Tony is one of key riders leading Japanese race scene from “Super bikers” days and recently focusing on supporting younger riders. He has broad connections with BMX and extreme sports on top of motorcycle industry and engages global activities with fully utilizing his English, German and Japanese capabilities.

Manager: Shima Kishida

Experiences from paddock girl, Shima has good connections within motor sports and enjoying racing herself at local race event. To increase motorcycle funs, she supports event operations and rider's managements.

Advisor: Tetsuro Mac Kuya

Mac is owner/president of "Motoshop TOYZ" a motorcycle shop in Tokyo. He is one of leading riders of Supermoto from the early days of the sports and now participating Supermoto Japan National from “TOYZ Racing” with his team members and developing younger riders as riding coach with his professional knowledge and experience of motorcycle mechanic.

Director: Koich Wada

Koichi is owner/president of “PRIDE1” a racing suits factory. He is offering latest and safest racing suits with air bag and other safety technologies based on 20+ years of experience and working at many racing activities in and outside of Japan.

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Moto Evovance is supported by project sponsors.