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In this page we'll share the latest info about Super Moto bikes & parts used by the riders participating Super Moto Japan national and area championships.

Suzuki RM-Z450 2017 model: #69 Ryo Kano

Ryo customized his Super Moto machine with his preference based on his experience of road racing rider.

He chose RM-Z450 as his base bike because he used to race on Suzuki during his road racing days.

Ryo used to race on Suzuki and "RM-Z450" 2017 is natural choice for him

He put most attention to choose “brake pad” and “tires”. The brake pad is made by "Zcoo" which delivers better control and longer endurance with his past experience of SUGO 6 hours endurance race. Bridgestone tire is selected because Ryo used to have support from them while he was road racer and he decided to use them even not having support from them to repay their favor.

Front wheel "Marchesini M10S M3.50-16.5/3.50-17" Front Brake disk: "Brembo 320mm" Front Brake caliper: " Brembo bullet radial caliper and QTM mount" Front brake pad: "Zcoo", Tire: "Bridgestone"

Current bike parts are selected by Ryo as result of minimizing the negative feelings after hours of riding. He has confidence not to replace the bike parts until he feels something wrong even though someone recommend to use.

Exhaust pipe: "Akrapovic", Silencer: Stock

Catch tank: "OPB"

Rear suspension: "Racetech spring" and "OPB special modification"

Ryo recommends to use "Renthal Gen2 clutch perch InteliLever" it's cool, light and hard to break!!

Swingarm with counterboring and chain slider

Front suspension: "OPB special modification", Triple clamp: "XTRIG motard", Handguard: "Cycra Pro bent"

Graphics: “JK Design” decal with Tengu👺design is one of Ryo's most favorite parts!

As you can see Ryo chose parts for his Supermoto bike based on his experience of road racing days and keep improving it with riding on day by day.

Production: GARAGE OPB

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