Moto Evovance


Moto Evovance supports riders playing with motorcycle and enjoying racing mainly through Supermoto activities

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We can offer "Heavy maintenance" like flame repair, suspension overhaul, engine tune-up, modification and machine customization on top of general motorcycle maintenance like inspections and repairing. Please ask us everything about motorcycle!! We participate Supermoto race a few times a year and have off road riding event. Let's enjoy with us!!

Lucky 12

Lucky 12 is casual counter bar, you can enjoy drinking with watching Motorsports, SK8 and BMX. You may have a chance to drink with Professional / Legend guys from various sports categories.

Pride One

Since 1987, Pride One is making high quality and safety racing suits. Our motto is "Our job is reducing Rider’s injuries".

Motoshop TOYZ

Motoshop TOYZ is motorcycle shop, good at Motard, Motocross and Off-road motorcycles. We can work for making racing machines, maintenance, tuning and street custom. Please ask us all about motorcycle. We are participating Japan Supermoto championship from “TOYZ Racing” our shop team. We also have motocross, fun ride event with enjoying BBQ. Let’s enjoy riding on motorcycle with us!!

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