Moto Evovance


Moto Evovance supports riders playing with motorcycle and enjoying racing mainly through Supermoto activities

Moto Evo riders

#69 Ryo Kano (Ryo)

Riding on SUZUKI RMZ450, Ryo started to participate Japan Supermoto Area Championship (East Japan area) partly in 2016 and from 2017 to be a Pro class rider, he participate multiple Supermoto races in nationwide. Ryo is based in SUGO (Sendai Japan) and has Road racing background.

#104 Toshiharu Sumiyoshi (Tossy)

Riding on Honda CRF250R, Tossy just begun Supmermoto 2 years ago but got pole position at his first race of Japan Supermoto Area Championship (East Japan area) in S2 class and will be a focus of attention in this year. Tossy is based in Okegawa (Saitama Japan) and has Motocross background.

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